Don’t be a sailor, be the captain of your ship: set a strong foundation for independent learning.


Being the captain of your ship means taking control of your learning at university. Lack of study skills influences how students choose their courses and subsequently engage in their learning.

UK Higher education is distinguished from general and secondary education by its focus on independent learning — a process, method, and philosophy of education: in which students acquire knowledge through their effort and develop skills for inquiry and critical evaluation. It is an important feature of all UK university courses. 

University learning (independent learning/ study) allows you a great deal of freedom to shape your learning experience to suit yourself. The better your study skills, the easier you will find managing that freedom so that you can enjoy yourself while undertaking independent study successfully.

Our study skills modules have been designed to develop university students (current and prospective) as independent learners across all departments and subjects. The modules are unique in their focus on improving students’ cognitive and psychomotor skills. All our modules are online and highly interactive promoting technology-enhanced learning (TEL). 


Does it work?

Our study skills training is delivered in conjunction with internationally renowned learning providers. The training modules are academically tested and validated – major UK universities deliver the same resources to their enrolled students. Currently, 60,000 students are subscribed to the training through their respective universities.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our training is effective only for dedicated, committed, and ambitious students who want to improve their academic literacy for UK higher education.

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