Learn typing skills while reinforcing knowledge on academic writing


Non-proficient typing adversely affect academic writing of university students.

Non-proficient typists allocate more attention to the search for keys, and therefore less focus on higher cognitive process of writing such as generating, planning and organising ideas. As a results, written output of non-proficient typists may be lower of quality.

Our touch-typing training allows writers to free up cognitive resources and bring automaticity in their writing. The training is distinct by its focus on reinforcing students’ knowledge on academic writing as well as improving their typing skills.

The module is aimed at:

  • university students and
  • professionals

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Key features

IT requirements

The training module is delivered online through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). To participate in the module, you must have access to an internet-connected computer (desktop or laptop).

This is a technology enhanced training module. Therefore, you must be familiar with using a computer for purposes such as sending email and searching the internet.

Who is this for?

Our touch-typing training module is aimed at:

  • university students, and
  • professionals

Learning outcomes

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