Supporting your transition to a research degree.


Our research degree admissions service has been designed for doctoral (PhD and professional doctorate) applicants. Our team of higher education transition specialists, who hold doctoral qualifications and possess research experience, will provide you with personalised support throughout the application process. We will help you develop a research proposal and tailor your application to enhance your success. To find out more, please take a look at the details of our services below.

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Research degree application support
Visa application support

How we deliver?

Our university admissions service for doctoral applicants is exclusively available online, which means that having access to an internet-connected device (desktop or laptop) is crucial.


International students - Independent learning skills

Personalised support

At every step of the application, your preference is our priority.

International students -- reading and writing skills

Tailored application

Documents are formatted according to the standards of UK universities and doctoral (PhD) levels.

Reduce stress

Our structured support is easy to follow.

International students: subject-specific knowledge


All our digital and material resources are academically rigorous.

Technology enhanced learning

24/7 access to communications

We are fast, responsive, and accessible 24/7.

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