Supporting your transition to a research degree


Our University Admissions Consulting has been designed for students who want to study PhDs or Professional Doctorates at UK university. Our consulting is delivered by an academic who holds doctoral qualification and has research experience. 

Consulting content

IT requirements

Our consulting service is delivered through Virtual Leaning Environment (VLE), Skype, and email. Therefore, you must have access to an internet-connect computer (desktop or laptop) and be familiar with using computer for purposes such as sending email and searching the internet.


Our University Admissions Consulting helps you stand out from the crowd. We prepare you as a university learner.

Our supported students are more confident and active learners than their peers. They understand the academic expectations of UK universities. 

International students: subject-specific knowledge

Developing subject-specific

Subject-specific knowledge not just essential for admission, it also ensures your readiness for successful participation to the course.

International students -- reading and writing skills

Developing critical reading and writing skills

High level of critical reading and writing skills are utmost important for doctoral level study since these involve analysing the work of scholars as well as own.

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